Fishing Vessels

Navy Sandnessjøen has a long tradition within sales and installation of electronic fishfinding equipment and we installed our first echosounder in the early fifties.

Fishfinding Equipment has been through a tremendous technological development all these years, and Navy Sandnessjøen has kept up with this development. We specialise in delivering the best equipment that ensures the most efficient catches for coastal – and deep sea fishing vessels.

The right equipment means bigger catches and better earnings. Whether you fish with nets, seines og purse seines, we can meet your electronic needs.

Johan R

Levert av Slipen Mekaniske AS i 2017. Rederi Moro Kystfiske AS. Garn og snurrevad. Lengde 12.99m bredde 6m. All elektronikk levert av Navy Sandnessjøen.

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Levert fra Blaalid AS i 2011. Rederi Meløy Fiskeriselskap As, Snurper. Lengde 30m, bredde 9.5m. BT 496tonn. Fisker i områdene Barentshavet, Norge og Nordsjøen.

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Levert fra Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri AS i 2003. Rederi Dønna Havfiske AS. Snurper. Lengde 62m bredde 14m, BT 2302tonn. Fisker i områdene Norge, Nordsjøen og Grønland.

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