Sandnessjøen harbor is located in the center of the region Helgeland, and this region is one of the most productive ones within Fish Farming in Norway. The coast of Helgeland consists of hundreds of Islands that can make navigating a challenge, especially in the winter with limited amount of daylight and often stormy weather with poor visibility.  Due to the huge amount of Fish Farm locations, there are a lot of well-boats trafficking our waters. These vessels are always busy navigating though the challenging waters of Helgeland, carrying salmon from Fish Farm Locations to production sites. Consequently these well-boats depends on high quality and reliable vital Navigation and Communication Systems that are working properly.

Navy Sandnessjøen serves many of these vessels on regular basis.

Ronja Nordic

Levert fra Aas Mek. Verksted AS i 2008. Rederi Sølvtrans AS. Brønnbåt. Lastekapasitet 1000m3. lengde 57m bredde 12m. BT 1460tonn.

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Ro Master

Levert fra Blaalid As i 2007. Rederi Rostein AS. Brønnbåt. Lastekapasitet 2600m3. Lengde 71m bredde 15m. BT 2241tonn.

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Steinar Olaisen

Levert fra Aas Mek Verksted i 2017. Rederi Nova Sea Service AS. Brønnbåt, sortering, avlusing. Lastekapasitet 3600m3. Lengde 77m Bredde 16m, BT 3401tonn.

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