Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic positioning (DP) is a method that automatically holds vessels in the same position above the seabed with the aid of the vessel's thrusters and propellers. A DP system makes use of satellites and the vessel’s electronic data collection systems, thrusters, rudder, main propeller and transponders.

JPOS is a DP-0 system that is perfect for working and fishing vessels up to 24 metres long.

The system consists of advanced and easy to use technology that utilises the vessel's navigation system and is operated via a simple joystick.

Installation and commissioning are easy thanks to a unique auto-tuning function and very simple cabling.

The system has three main functions :

  1. DRIVE for controlling the vessel at medium speed
  2. WORK for controlling the vessel at low speed
  3. THRUSTER for individual control of the bow/aft thrusters

Download the product sheet here

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