Fishing Vessels

Navy Sandnessjøen has a long tradition within sales and installation of electronic fishfinding equipment and we installed our first echosounder in the early fifties.

Fishfinding Equipment has been through a tremendous technological development all these years, and Navy Sandnessjøen has kept up with this development. We specialise in delivering the best equipment that ensures the most efficient catches for coastal – and deep sea fishing vessels.

The right equipment means bigger catches and better earnings. Whether you fish with nets, seines og purse seines, we can meet your electronic needs.


Levert fra Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri AS i 2003. Rederi Dønna Havfiske AS. Snurper. Lengde 62m bredde 14m, BT 2302tonn. Fisker i områdene Norge, Nordsjøen og Grønland.

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Levert fra Blaalid AS i 2011. Rederi Meløy Fiskeriselskap As, Snurper. Lengde 30m, bredde 9.5m. BT 496tonn. Fisker i områdene Barentshavet, Norge og Nordsjøen.

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Johan R

Levert av Slipen Mekaniske AS i 2017. Rederi Moro Kystfiske AS. Garn og snurrevad. Lengde 12.99m bredde 6m. All elektronikk levert av Navy Sandnessjøen.

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