Survey/Diving support vessel

Navy Sandnessjøen are serving several diving and survey companies operating on the coast of Helgeland. We deliver service and equipment for these vessels within communication and navigation.

These companies have their own specialties and deliver services within the following categories:

  • Salvage
  • Towing
  • Underwater entrepreneur activities
  • Cable laying
  • Submerged high pressure washing of fish farm nets
  • Anchorages of Floating quays and farmed cages
  • Oil spill services
  • Underwater inspection of hull

These Vessels usually have a tight time schedule and are depending on quick response when service and repairs are required.

Nautilus Survey

Levert av Solnes Båt AS i 1997. Rederi Seløy Undervannsservice AS på Herøy i Nordland. Lengde 24m, Bredde 7.2m. 2 x 700hk hovedmotor og 120hk thrustere forut/akter. Service fart 9 knop og max 11.5 knop.

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Skjærgården 1

Levert av Hemnes Mek. Verksted AS i 2006. Rederi JR Dykkerservice AS i Sandnessjøen. Lengde 14.99m, Bredde 4m, 2 x 435hk Volvo D6 på vannjet. Servicefart 24 knop.

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