Nærøysund Aquaservice AS continues to build up its fleet of working vessels with its latest addition, Nærøysund. The ROV vessel was delivered by Kåre Holthe & Sønner in October 2017.

The vessel is a Stinger model that has been specially adapted for customers in the aquaculture industry. The vessel is equipped for assignments such as ROV operations and seabed mapping. It has a submersible sonar for precisely positioning the ROV on the seabed.

The vessel is also equipped with a Kongsberg multibeam echo sounder, which provides a very detailed image of the seabed. Nærøysund is one of the first vessels in Norway to carry this type of echo sounder and it was delivered by Navy Rørvik.

Key information:

Shipyard: Kåre Holthe & Sønner AS

Length: 14.98 metres

Beam: 4.20 metres

Design: Kåre Holthe & Sønner AS

Dual multibeam echo sounder: Kongsberg EM 2040C, delivered by Navy Rørvik

Positioning and roll/pitch/heave: Kongsberg Seatex Seapath 380-5, delivered by Navy Rørvik

ROV positioning: Kongsberg µPAP, delivered by Navy Rørvik

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