The fishing vessel Oda was delivered to shipowner Knut Skjong of Vigra in November. This small fishing vessel is 10.98 metres long with a beam of 4.7 metres.

The vessel was entirely built by Båt & Motorservice AS in Rørvik. It was designed and engineered by Moen Design AS. The navigation, communication and fish detection equipment was delivered and installed by Navy Rørvik.  

Key information:

Shipyard: Båt & Motorservice AS

Length: 10.98 metres

Beam: 4.70 metres

Design: Moen Design AS

Build number: 49

Delivery date: November 2017

Navigation: Delivered by Navy Rørvik

Communication: Delivered by Navy Rørvik

Fish detection equipment: Delivered by Navy Rørvik


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Fishing Vessels

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