Vibeke Cathrin

Shipyard: Moen Marin AS, Kolvereid. Build year: 2013. Size: 14.99 x 6.30 metres. Cargo space: 60 cubic metres. Container space: 17 tonnes of gutted fish. Main engine: 525 hp Deutz. Owner: Martin Solhaug.

All of the maritime electronics, including the dual split-beam echo sounder solution for measuring biomass and size distribution, as well as the integration with the current log.

Key information:

Shipyard: Moen Marin AS

Length: 14.99 metres

Beam: 6.10 metres

Design: Moen Design AS

Build number: 70

Delivery date: February 2013

Navigation: Delivered by Navy Rørvik

Communication: Delivered by Navy Rørvik

Fish detection equipment: Delivered by Navy Rørvik


Fishing Vessels


Fishing Vessels

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